Repairs & Servicing


A dripping tap that needs repairing, a shower that fluctuates in temperature or a boiler that has broken down? We can help you.

Our engineers have a breadth of working knowledge for all aspects of plumbing and heating repairs. We will carry out a full investigation of the issue that you find yourself with, and then provide written quote for the repair work required.

For emergency repairs, we have engineers who are able to attend and resolve quickly and efficiently. However, these appointments are dependent on availability.


Is it important to service your boiler? Yes! A service or annual maintenance check is a spot check that your boiler is working correctly and running as efficiently as it can. It is also important to ensure that the boiler emissions are checked to ensure that it is running within the manufacturer’s specifications.

The importance of any check is that the manufacturers guidelines are followed, so it is essential that you keep the paperwork when the appliance is fitted.

Our gas boiler services cost from £69, and oil boiler services cost from £75 – book yours online now

Gas boiler servicing

What should be covered in a gas boiler service?

  • The boiler cover will be removed and the internal compartment cleaned and components checked for working order;
  • A flue test to ensure emissions are within manufacturers recommendations;
  • Gas rate, condense trap, magnetic filter, and controls checked, and more.

All of our gas boiler services are carried out in accordance with the Heating & Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) Customer Service Charter. Click the image below for full details.

Sometimes a burner seal will be required, and you will be informed of this on the service sheet. With oil boilers a new nozzle is fitted at each service, and occasionally a flexi is also required. If you need help understanding what this all means, please do get in touch.

Gas fires also require checking, and the checks that are carried out are not too dissimilar to the boiler servicing. There are also occasions when the chimney requires sweeping, and we can organise on your behalf.

Oil boiler servicing

Oil boilers require a nozzle each year to ensure that the efficiency of the burning of the oil remains at the optimum rate.

Oil is a dirty fuel to burn and the internal working of the boiler must be cleaned out to remove any soot and carbon deposits from the combustion chamber. New flexible hoses may be required also, as these can deteriorate and eventually split causing an oil leak. Our engineers will check these hoses and will change if they are displaying evidence of perishing, however we do recommend that these are changed every other year.

Oil tanks are checked as part of the service and dipped to check for water contamination. There are products available to help with removing water, and we are also able to pump out your current oil to remove as much as possible.

Biomass boiler servicing

It is essential to have your biomass boiler serviced regularly in line with the manufacturers recommendations and guidelines. This also depends on hours of use and the products you are burning. Our engineers will clean and maintain your biomass boiler for you. Prices from £240 plus vat – please contact us to discuss.