We are pleased to offer a range of renewable technologies – please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

ASHP provide a cost effective renewable energy that is alternative to traditional fuels. ASHP provides both hot water and heating, for properties that meet EPH requirements, using units with greater operating efficiencies at lower external temperatures, greater outputs with reduced noise levels.


Hybids combine heating technologies providing the householder with a choice of fuels so that the best of both worlds can be benefited from. Hybrids can future proof against rising unknown energy costs by coupling the traditional with renewable energy. Stand alone units can be purchased with the additional energy product fitted at a later date. This option is available through Grant UK.


Biomass boilers are a great alternative compared to regular fuels. It provides heating and hot water by burning pellets that are provided from a hopper. Housed outside of the home, these units are designed to heat your home efficiently and cost effectively.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal is a cost effective way of producing hot water for your families use. There are different styles of plates, in roof, on roof or flat roof mounting depending on your roof construction and preference.

At the present with some renewable energy products, government RHI payback is still available. Chamings is an accredited installer under the Grant UK MCS scheme, and as such can offer renewable solutions in partnership with Grant. Please contact us to discuss this further.