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Visit our showroom at Westbridge Industrial Estate, Tavistock to view a selection of Rayburn cookers on display.


To find the right Rayburn model for your home, call in to see our stoves and the colour range available and speak to our knowledgable team who can advise on models, sizes and power options as well as installation requirements.

Choose between Rayburn stove models that offer cooking only (electric), cooking and hot water, or cooking, hot water and central heating.

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Rayburn FAQs

What's the difference between an Aga and a Rayburn?

The Rayburn, made by AGA in the same factory in Shropshire, shares many great features with AGA cookers, such as radiant heat cooking and a beautiful coating, but there are a few differences.

Rayburn cookers are available as cooking only, cooking and hot water or cooking, hot water and central heating models, to provide a solution for all your household needs in one appliance, whereas modern AGA appliances are designed to offer cooking only.

In addition, Rayburn cookers are available in more fuel types, such as oil, HVO, gas and electric. They also offer controls which operate the ovens more like a conventional cooker, unlike the pre-set temperature zones of the AGA.

How long does it take for a Rayburn cooker to heat up?

• Roasting oven – Heats up from cold in 90 minutes, for high temperature cooking.
• 900W Grill – Heats up in 10 minutes from cold.
• Baking oven – Heats up from cold in 120 minutes, for moderate temperature baking.
• Cast-iron hotplate – Heats up to boiling mode from cold in 30 minutes. Heats up to simmering mode from cold in 20 minutes.

What fuel types are available for Rayburn cookers?

Fuel choice is becoming increasingly important so there are range of fuel options to choose from when you buy a Rayburn. Appliances are available in propane gas, natural gas, kerosene oil, HVO and electric fuels:

• Oil: 400 series600 series308K and Heatranger 60,80, 100 models 
• HVO (95% Hydrogenised Vegetable Oil) compatable models: Heatranger 60,80,100
• Gas: 480AG480AL
• Electric: Rayburn Ranger®

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